Last Meeting

During the last meeting had no clue about what we could discuss, we ended up talking about our staying in Finland and as a consequence, we decided to compare the winter season in our countries and also learn some vocabulary related to that.

Winter – mùa đông (frozen season – roughly translated)- Invierno

Cold – lạnh- Frio

Wind – gió- Viento

Snow – tuyết- Nieve

Rain – mưa- Lluvia

Sweater – áo len- Suéter

Scarf – khăn choàng- Bufanda

Jacket – áo khoác- Casaca

Socks – tất- Medias

When we compare our winters with the Finnish we found out that Vietnamese winter is like spring or sometimes like Finnish summer. Lowest temperature in the low land can be 8 degrees Celsius but very rarely. Normally it’s around 11-18 degrees. Winter in Vietnam is also short like Finnish summer, only around 4-5 months. From the end of October to February. In the coldest time of winter, sometimes we have a bit snow in the mountainous area (high land) and at that point those places are usually packed with tourist. When it comes to winter in Peru, the lowest temperature is around 14 degrees Celsius, so most people would say it is not a proper winter, but still people start to wear warmer clothes.

To wrap up this each one teach one course, I would like to say that I found it quite interesting, the information I got during the meetings is really valuable and made me aware about the cultural differences that exist everywhere and that is important to keep in mind that those are only differences, and by any reason that means wrong or bad. I’ll take with me from this semester that these differences we can turn into opportunities to learn and broaden our knowledge.

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