Walking around the city centre

In this, one of the last meetings, we went to the city centre in order to learn some new vocabulary and this is what we found:

Bus – Xe buýt- Bus

Police station – Đồn cảnh sát – Estación de policía

Police oficer – cảnh sát- Policía

Firefighter – lính cứu hoả (fire helper)- Bombero

Store – cửa hang- Tienda

Mall – trung tâm mua sắm- Centro Comercial

Market – chợ- mercado

Tramway – “tàu điện” – tranvía

Train – tàu- Tren

Car – xe ô tô- carro

Ambulance – xe cứu thương- ambulancia

Hospital – bệnh viện- hospital

University – đại học- Universidad

School – trường- Colegio

Gas station – chạm xăng- Gasolinera

Traffic lights – đèn giao thông- Semáforo

Flea market – chợ đêm- Mercado de pulgas

Kindergarten – nhà trẻ- Jardín de niños

Coffee shop – quán cà phê- Cafetería

Once again, we could realize that Spanish language has more similarities to English than Vietnamese, and this of course because the first two are romance languages therefore share a more common structure. However, this is beneficial for learning due to the fact that we already have some significant knowledge in English so the Spanish language would be easier to learn and teach.

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