Indian food

For our fifth meeting we went to town centre to Indian restaurant. We went there because I wanted to eat something that Hamza eats back at home in Pakistan and that’s how I could learn more about Pakistan culture. The restaurant was called TAJ Indian restaurant and huge recommendations for that! We went around 12 o`clock, so there was a buffet, and we all took that. There was a selection of different kinds of food and I taste almost all of them.

It was cool that Hamza taught us how the food should be eaten, like for example how they use and eat the Naan bread. Much new information for me!

We talked throw some eating-habits and it was funny to notice how different they can be. Like for example in Netherlands, they eat for breakfast bread with a chocolate-topping. And the same for lunch. So they don’t eat proper food until in the late evening which means around 5-6 pm. That sounds weird for me, because in Finland we eat proper food (which means for example potatoes and meat) first time around 11am.


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