New group member

We had our fourth meeting at TAMK. This time we got a new member into our group. She is a girl from Amsterdam and because her own group split up, she came to our group. I’m happy that she did so. First, we had to get to know to each other and we talked through our backgrounds and all. It`s always nice to meet new people and hear their stories. We went true some things that are different in Netherlands, in Pakistan and in Finland like for example about eating.

Elize is also trying to learn the Finnish language, so next we did some practising. We started easily by introducing each other (in Finnish of course). After that we went true some different situations which included buying food from store, buying a movie ticket, talking about the weather and talking about how you are feeling.  It`s now good that Hamza and Elize can speak Finnish to each other, so one of them was the customer and the other one was the salesman. It`s also good that they can help each other. We had done some of these same exercises before with Hamza, so I was happy to notice that he already knew how to make these sentences and was able to speak Finnish. The time flew, and we sat there suddenly almost two hours. We planned that our next meeting will be in town centre.

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