Our last meeting

Our last meeting was in TAMK. It was weird to see for the last time. Hamza had search online some pretty good questions for me to answer in English. They were questions that couldn’t been answer with only one or two sentences, so I really had to talk about different subjects. One of the questions was for example what are my goals for life. After that we still did some Finnish talking practise. I`m happy that during the course Hamza and Elize both learned how to speak the basics in Finnish.

Most of the time on this meeting we talked about Finland and how they both had experience Finland and Finnish culture. For me, as a Finnish person, it is always interesting to hear what foreigner people think about us. They said the pros and the cons. Trying to sum up their opinions, it would be that Finnish people don’t talk that much. And I agree with that.

All in all, the course went by really fast and it was a great experience. For me, it is always interesting to learn about new cultures and talk English with someone who don’t know how to speak Finnish. Even though our schedules were a bit busy, we managed to arrange 10 meetings.

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