Our sixth meeting

Our sixth meeting was at school. First, we had some common discussion about how our week was going on, how we were doing and so on. After that Hamza and Elize made me talk more in English, as they asked me to explain different things in English. For example, they asked from me about my hobbies, my goals in life and what plans I have for summer. I feel like I’m quite okay with talking, I just have to find out another way to say things, because I don’t know enough words. And if there are some words I can`t find a way to say, then I just ask Hamza and Elize and they will help me. So that’s nice.

I had come up with some topics for Hamza and Elize to talk about in Finnish. First, they introduced themselves, told where they are from and how old they are. After that they explained about their families and hobbies. After that we went them all through again. I think it`s important to repeat what you have just said or heard, so you will remember them more easily. Hamza knew how to say these basic things, so it was good that he was helping Elize in some parts. But both of them did really well. The meeting took more than an hour, and then we decide that our next meeting will be in town centre: at the church and at the library.

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