1st – Meeting for the First Time

9th of March at Soko’s 4th Floor Café.

On our first meeting I met up with Kaisa and Tiiu at a café. They are both Finnish students while I’m from Portugal, here through the Erasmus + Programme. Concerning the café, I actually didn’t know about it before we planned the meeting since I thought all Sokos had was the supermarket downstairs and then clothing shops and the such on its other floors, but it was a nice spot and the munkki I ate was deliciously sweet due to the raspberry filling.

Since I didn’t know them before this course, we spent this meeting talking about each other, starting with what we study and even branching out into our household and siblings. It was really nice to have this initial “chill time” before assessing what we knew before hand, I mentioned how I do have Finnish language classes, but that outside of them, due to lack of practice, I end up not retaining much, and I already knew from when we talked over the preliminary plans that they didn’t know any Portuguese. It was interesting to note how specific sounds like “ão” come hard to them, much like the Finnish way to say the “y” letter is a tad odd for me. But in the following meeting will be able to assess this more thoroughly since we’ll have subjects/themes.

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