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Lingon pie

Puolukkapiirakka / Pastel de fritos rosos / Lingon pie

100g voita / mantequilla / butter

1dl sokeria / azúcar / sugar

1 muna / huevo / egg

2dl jauhoja / harina / flour

1 tl leivinjauhetta / levadura / bakin pouder


300g puolukoita / frutos rosos /berries

1 prk kermaviiliä / nata en crema para cocinar

1 muna / huevo / egg

½ dl sokeria / azúcar / sugar

1tl vaniljasokeria / vanilla / vanilla sugar

In our evening together, we made a lingonberry pie. We found out that lingonberries are well-known in Spain too, but mixers were a new acquaintance. They use stick blenders instead. Irene and Teresa told us that they don´t make pies out of berries at home, only apple pies are common. And they don´t usually specify berries by name. Kermaviili was not known in Spain.

We discussed different food cultures among students of different countries. Traditional Finnish dishes include potatoes and meat, rice and chicken, pasta, salmon. Here in Finland we make soups from potatoes and vegetables and meat or fish. We also have a lot of international dishes on a regular basis.

Traditionally, we bake pulla. We didn’t make it ourselves this time, but tasted one from the bakery. It was nice to bake together.