One of the first things to discuss with our foreign friends is sauna. I want to know what people think about our sauna. Many visitors seem to like it. Our Spanish friends say that it reminds them of scorching summer days and makes them feel uncomfortable. After a really hot summer here in Finland I am starting to understand that point. We did not warm our sauna for many weeks this summer.


Kuvahaun tulos haulle sauna kuvagalleria

Nudity is a big issue for many foreigners. Beating yourself with a vihta or competing who can stay there the longest. These are some of the more memorable things about sauna, but it means a lot more to Finns.

Sauna is a quiet place to think in peace or discuss deep thoughts with your friends or just spend time in silence with a friend. It is meditative.

For older people it was a place to wash yourself, a place to give birth and a place to make food. For many it is more like a second church. There is something holy and peaceful about sauna. And in my opinion, a tv or speakers don’t belong there.

I would really like visitors to discover the real sauna.

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