When I meet my friends from different countries we often eat either by some one of us or in a restaurant. Sometimes we cook together. When we cook together we make some typical food of some country. I have cooked with my friends for example food from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Turkey and Finland. Apart from those I have eaten with my friends food from India, Bangladesh, Russia, Afghanistan, Japan, Sweden, Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Uruguay and so on. You can maybe imagine, that when I cook I don´t always cook typical Finnish food. I mix sometimes different ingredients and finally no-one, even not myself, can tell what or from where the food is. Anyway I try to cook delicious food, but of course I don´t always succeed. 

I think pasta and spaghetti are typical Italian food. Anyway me and many of my friends are cooking it, each one of us on a little bit different way.


I am not quite sure from where meatballs originally are, but I know that people eat them in many countries on the different ways and with different ingredients and with different filling. 

I like to eat them for example with typical Finnish trimming: mashed potatoes.


I have eaten very different and very delicious food from many different countries. In spite of different tastes, many fragrances or many ways to cook with different friends, the one thing that always join us is our interest in the delicious food.

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