The First of May

The first of May (vappu) is the day some of my friends are asking about. I have understood that it is celebrated in many countries, but for many it is also pretty new thing.  For me it is a sign of a spring and starting summer. Of course I try to explain to my friends also about the original meaning of May Day.

Anyway for me some small things are important when I celebrate ” vappu”. I love the doughnuts (munkki) and mead (sima). I also like to go to the certain kind of square or  outdoor market (vapputori), when there is special market day with all kind of tack. It is just fun to hang around and to meet the friends and perhaps to buy the funny balloon. It is nice also to have picnic outside if it is nice weather or to go and eat in some restaurant if it is for example raining.  The most important is just to relax and have nice time together with the friends. 

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