The Four Seasons

The seasons and especially the four seasons is the subject I always talk about with my friends who come to visit, study or work here. 

Let´s start from the  spring. Every spring I start to look  forward to see the first green thing or flower in different colour on the ground.  I am like a small child waiting for some surprise.  This  first sign of the spring is just making me to feel so happy: we are closer the summer!

The summer is here! Every year I hope that we get warm and sunny summer: mostly we don´t get it, but this summer has been amazing. To tell the truth I am happy anyway, no matter what kind of weather we have on the summer.

After the summer the autumn comes. In the autumn I enjoy to see the leaves of the trees in many beautiful and strong colours. Sometimes it snows very early in the autumn as you can see here on my picture . Anyway usually  the first snow melts pretty soon. 

Finally the winter starts. It´s a bit exciting to  to see if it snows a lot or just a bit during the winter.  Always before Christmas I hope that we get ” White Christmas”. It mean, that it snows at least a bit. to make the ground white. Last winter there was a lot of snow in Finland.

I enjoy all the four seasons in Finland. Whether it rains or shines I try to find always something nice and positive. I know, that most of my friends, who come from warmer countries, don´t like the coldness and darkness here in Finland, but they like the beauty of the nature here.  I can really understand them. 

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