The Parties

It´s nice to go to a party and it´s also nice to organise a party especially with the friends. Parties in different countries are different but there are also things that are pretty similar in many places. When I discuss with my friends I find several things: being together with friends, family members and other relatives, having fun (except for example in the funeral), eating and spending time together. I think to organise the party is also pretty similar in many places: you clean, you bake, you cook, you invite and you plan some menu and show and wear nice clothes and so on. I have organised, invited and also visited to many different parties.


Many of my friends also cook and bake when they are organising a party.

Pretty common is a certain kind of sandwich cake or layer cake.



When we organise a party with my international friends we always try to learn also the words and meanings in different languages. It is really funny.  We learned lately for example next words:

(Finnish) –  (English) – (Spanish) – (French)

sokeri       sugar            azùcar               sucre

voi            butter             mantequilla   beurre

muna       egg                 huevo               oeuf

jauho       flour             marina              farine

siivota     clean          limpiar              nettoyer

laittaa ruokaa cook  cocinar           faire la cuisine



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