Have you ever visited Arboretum; a botanical garden in Tampere? If you haven´t I suggest you to do it. That is one of my favorite place in my home town and I visited it with many of my friends. You can walk and enjoy the view over Pyhäjärvi lake or to see  the beauty of the roses in a rose garden. You can also wonder many different plants and trees. You can have a picnic or you can taste delicious pastries or ice cream or just to drink a cup of coffee in a summer cafe.

I think Arboretum is the best in the summer on a sunny day.  In the winter it´s pretty quiet there: the cafe is closed, the flowers and other plants are under the snow waiting for the spring and warmer weather. But when the spring and especially summer is here and it´s sunny day, this place is wonderful to spend time with the friends. At least I like it.

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