I was thinking what I could do with my friends who came to visit from abroad. Of course some typical things came to my mind first: lake, woods and so on. Yes, we may start from those. Then I got a great idea: of course shopping: we will go shopping to a shopping centre when it is a rainy day and on a sunny day we go to a market. There are shopping centres and markets everywhere, but anyway it would be nice to show to my friends “our” places here. I believe that my friends would like it too.

On the sunny day it is nice to go to the market and go around to see all the stalls. It is nice also to sit down in a cafe with an ice cream and just to look around to see people passing by. It is not even necessary to buy anything, but just to spend time and hang around and to enjoy pleasant atmosphere.

On the rainy day it is better to go to the shopping centre and to go around the shops even without buying a thing. There you can also go for a lunch or coffee in some cosy restaurant or cafe. On the same time it is funny to chat with the friends and relax. I think this is nice way to spend time with my dear friends.



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