A good start into the day

What´s a good way to start the day? Let´s begin with a good company, add a delicous breakfast and it makes it much more fun to learn about other cultures and languages.

While having a breakfast, we talked about the breakfast in our countries and shared our thoughts about various topics. This unconstrained atmosphere made it easy to talk also about cultural differences and misunderstandings. As all three of us are teacher and learner at the same time we focused in our first meeting on the way how to introduce oneself and how to order the breakfast in the other language. It makes it easier to memorize these phrases and easier to learn something about another culture.


Of course it would take too much time to write down every new learned word while having breakfast and talking to each other. It´s up to us to improve our language skills in our own way of learning, because every individual learns in a different way and with each meeting we will learn what´s the best way for everyone.



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