First Meeting At Waffle Cafe

Today, we learned each other’s languages at waffle cafe. I was worried that it would be awkward to meet them for the first time after making a plan, but I felt closer to them than last time when I was talking about the weekend.

The cafe was  recommended by Laura. It was nice to have English written on the menu. Laura and me ordered strawberry waffles and Jun Hyuk ordered chocolate waffles. Waffles soon came out, and we took pictures before eating.

The picture was a bit tacky, but it was really delicious. I could see why Laura recommended it. Jam is sweet, but bread is very soft that I wanted to introduce to my Fleetmate. After taking pictures, we had a good time to eat and started to learn each other’s language in earnest.

In fact, it was my first time teaching someone Korean, so I was at a loss how to prepare, but I thought  of the courses I learned when I was a child, and I prepared basic letters and expressions. Laura also gave me a print of her letters and expressions in tables. I was really impressed by her thorough preparations for her.

In Finland, I was taking basic Finnish classes because I wanted to to communicate briefly, soI felt good learning with Laura once more. The pronunciation of Finnish is still difficult, but I think I learned them happily thanks to Laura’s encouragement.

I felt like a study group because I was learning each other’s language today, but I was proud that I could share a simple greeting with each other.

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