Finnish-Russian Group meeting

Earlier in week we desided to meet at Huurre restaurant on Saturday when everybody had some free time. Ilona found place easily but Yulia and I took few minutes to found place. Google maps helped little bit.

As we arrived we ordered some food and beging talking both in russian and english. Then we decided that we should play board-game Alias. Alias is word explaining game in which one who knows word eplained to him or her wins one point and moves on map. We modified rules so that Yulia explained words in russian and Ilona and me explained them in russian or in english; trying to keep game fair. This was good idea and I found out Yulia speaks very undertable finnish and I was able to understand her russian moderately good! Drinking few beers made me quickly speak more fluent in russian.

I also learned little bit Yulia’s backround, like where she moved to Finland. I learned some new words like french fries (картофель-фри) and made corrections on my mind how some words are properly written and pronounced. Overall very useful meeting as for me speaking is best way to learn languanes. Thank you for good company! Peace!

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