Pleasant Afternoon!

This was our first time(Wednesday 12.9.2018) to  play outside. We decided to go to the market together , so we agreed to meet at Tullintori which was close to the TAMK. Although we had a little late because we didn’t catch the bus on time, they still wait for us patiently. At that time ,I really think my partner Jenny was really considerate:)Finally ,we decided to go to the Skybar with Jenny ,her friend Meri and her boyfriend Toni.

When we  got to the Skybar ,I was exciting about the beautiful sightseeing! I can see the panorama of Tampere. We ordered different drinks and then started chatting at Skybar. Jenny taught us the pronunciation of number 1-10 , four seasons and the weekdays in Finnish. It’s very difficult for us to pronounce . And  we were amazing that Toni told us they faced the mirror and  practiced the pronunciation of the letter “R” when they were small children!!!Also,we taught Jenny how to say months,weekdays and number.Besides ,we also taught some simple greeting sentences and “I love you” in Chinese and it’s the same as the pronunciation of “wall eye knee” in English.

It’s really a good afternoon for us. Finally, Toni invited us to take his boat next spring.I was really happy at that time,because I really want to go around Tampere by boat.Besides,we also decided to enjoy the sauna next time and I hope that would also become a wonderful memory in my life!

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