Our first meeting (Finnish – German)

We had our first Finnish-German meeting at Salhojankatu Pub. At first we planned to go to Telakka, but they had some kind of event there so we decided to go to a place where we didn’t have to pay to get in.

We taught the Germans how to introduce themselves in Finnish. Then we started to talk about different dialects in Finland and Germany (and even Austria), and it was interesting to hear that there is a dialect in Germany that older people don’t understand at all. We also taught how to count from one to five and how to order a beer.

It started to get cold, and we went inside to the pub. There we continued learning the numbers, and we even tried to memorize the numbers in French, Spanish, Swedish and Hungarian. We found some random (and really difficult!) words in German at the pub, and we tried to learn to pronounce them correctly.

We also planned some upcoming meetings and just talked about random stuff before we left the pub.

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