First Spanish-German group’s meeting

Hey everyone! This is the first post of our German-Spanish meetings, so we look forward it will be a good experience.

Las Monday, 17th September, we met at Fazer Café, located in the city center. I was a bit late, because I had some uni stuff to finish, but as soon as I finished it, I joined my colleagues. While I was away, Sam (the Swiss guy teaching German) started teaching my Mexican colleagues the numbers and some introductory expressions (I was lucky not to miss something I didn’t know yet… ;)).

As for the Spanish teaching, we started with some verbs and the main differences between “ser” and “estar” (Spanish differentiation of the verb to be). We didn’t even know which the main differences were, but we tried to give our best! Additionally, some different expressions in Spanish from Spain and Mexico were taught to Sam, so I think he enjoyed to see how we the Spanish speakers argued and laughed at each other about the different expressions…Quite funny!!

This first meeting was a bit light, as it was the first one in which we started teaching. Moreover, we had to know each other better and we were talking some time before and after learning, which I found very interesting and necessary.

Hope next meetings are as nice as this first one!

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