Meeting at Fazer Cafe (Finnish-German)

For our second meeting we met at Fazer Cafe. Before we ordered anything we taught the Germans how to order a coffee in Finnish. Their pronunciation was good and the waitress easily understood what they were saying. After placing our orders we went back to our table.

Martin had prepared some German phrases for us and me and Pinja tried to pronounce the sentences. They were quite simple and I understood most of the sentences, but I still managed to learn some new words, such as “übersetzen”, “wiederholen” and “die Auskunft”. Pinja had also prepared some Finnish learning material. We rehearsed the numbers and taught some phrases in Finnish too.

We also talked a bit of the German grammar rules. I asked how do they know if a word is feminine (die), masculine (der) or neutral (das) but apparently there are no strict rules to them. I’m having my second German course at the moment and knowing the article before a word is really difficult to me. I find it also really hard to know when you do or don’t pronounce the letter “H” in a word.

Lastly, we started to talk about payment culture in Finland and Germany. Cash is not anymore that common in Finland, and usually everything is payed with a payment card. However, it’s still more than normal to use cash instead of a card in Germany. I find it pretty weird, because I think it’s so much easier to pay with a card.

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