Fazer Cafe


For our first meeting we decided to see each other at Fazer Cafe on Monday, 17th September. I really liked this place because I love coffee, I think drank many cups of it, also I love Fazer chocolates and this time I asked to the cashier for a recommendation and she told me that I should try liquorice coverd with chocolate, we shared some of these and it was cool, because this was something new for all of us. I don’t love liquorice but with chocolate the taste was better and nice.

I enjoyed this meeting because we talked a lot about our cultures, things and how it is life in each country. It is really interesting for me to talk about this and also it’s great to have the opportunity to discover different perspectives and ways of thinking among people from different places.

About the teaching process, we reviewed some expressions and words that we already knew from each language and we learnt numbers from 1-10 in Spanish and German, looking at the difference between numbers in Spanish and Italian, as the difference between the pronunciation for numbers in Swiss German and German.

Also as Spanish speakers we tried to teach the difference between verbs ser and estar, this was really difficult to explain but I hope we can explain better both verbs and practice them in the next meetings so they will be clearer.

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