Studying at the library

As we all have different schedules and things to do, it´s not always easy to find a date, which fits for everyone. Right after the first meeting we all agreed with meeting each other regularly. Last week Hanna was very busy, but Antero and I decided to meet in the library, for a special reason. We have a new member in our Each One Teach One – group! 🙂

Cindy extended our group, so we are now two finnish and two german teacher/learner. Before our meeting we exchanged messages and all agreed to meet at the library to repeat the experiences from the last meetings, so that Cindy knows what we have done so far and what our expectations are and of course we talked about her thoughts too.

As we found out that it is difficult to really memorize the new learned vocabulary and phrases which we learn during our meetings, we want to make vocabulary lists and lists with daily phrases or whatever seems important to us. At the library we talked about it and could learn a lot more words. I think after this meeting I really started to memorize the used words, especially because Hanna and Antero teached them already and with repeating them or writing them down it helps me to get to know the language easier.

We teach and learn at the same time, which makes it a lot more fun as we find out that there are always some similarities between the two languages (Alphabet for example).

I`m really Looking forward to the next meeting, where all four of us come together. Even if it was just an expectation that we met without Hanna, the next meetings should be as a whole group.

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