Cute animals, ice hockey and civil war at Vapriikki museum

This time we met up at Vapriikki, which is a huge museum centre. I thought a visit to Vapriikki could be an interesting way to learn about Finland, since there are exhibitions on various topics such as Finnish nature, viking age history of Tampere region, Finnish civil war, video games and ice hockey. Also, you can get a free entrance to the museum with a coupon from students’ ”supervihko” or through student discounts in the Pivo-app.

We visited all of the exhibitions and mainly talked in Japanese. I taught Meguru Finnish words from signs in the exhibitions, mostly in the Natural history museum. Before going to the museum I’d written a list in Japanese of some animals which I remembered were in the exhibition. When we entered the exhibition, I gave Meguru the list and asked him to find out what those animals are called in Finnish.

I believe this was a good way for teaching new words. Meguru also taught me new words in Japanese, such as

キツツキ = woodpecker = tikka
スズラン = lily of the valley = kielo
モモンガ = flying squirrel = liito-orava

In the other exhibitions I wasn’t able to teach Finnish so well, because the vocabulary used in them was quite specific and I hadn’t prepared for them. Especially the exhibition on Finnish civil war was difficult for me to explain in Japanese. I think all of the exhibitons were still useful for learning a bit about Finnish history and culture. We even got to practice ice hockey with a virtual goal keeper.

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