Pella´s Café

This time our group met in Pella´s Café at Keskustori. We found a nice table where we could talk and learn Finnish and German. It was the first time we all met together. This afternoon we mainly focused on the German language. As we decided to prepare some vocabulary lists, Antero had a really good list prepared. During our meeting Cindy and I helped Hanna and Antero with the translation into German. They did it quite well, as there are some words which are similiar to English, for example the hand- die Hand.

For me it is really a good way to learn an other language, when I have lists or papers where I can note down everything. I think it is a good idea that we all prepare some lists and talk about the things we want to learn in the other language. Also for me with teaching German it is easier when I know where to start or what to teach.  I can learn the finnish words as well, so all parties learn the same words, expressions- I hope I can memorize them easier. Of course we had time for Smalltalk too as was a good atmosphere and we met for the first time with all four of us. 🙂

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