enjoy food

last night we have good time enjoy the Chinese food.

we planned to arrange this meal for about a longtime.and yesterday is one of my  firends’ birthday,so it is really a  good meeting I guess that.But I found that there is a lot of differences between  Finnish and Chinese,Just like that ,Finnish people usually be very quiet when they are having their meal,but our Chinese people used to be very active and make a lot of noise,what is more,may be the Finnish used to their own food from the plate,and eat in their own plate ,but Chinese people just do not do that ,it may shows a little impolite in China,but may be our behavior is impolite for Finnish people ,that is really amazing thing.

however,we learned something which we can use on the table you know that ,just like fork ,spoon,bowl,knife,in finnish,and we also taught our partners how to say that in Chinese,and we talked a lot about the Finnish festivals,just like Halloween , Valentine’s Day and  Christmas,that is  wonderful.

and there is one of our pictures.

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