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Chinese food with friends

Our third meeting was at Li’s home near Lukonmäki.

Li, Cui, Huang and Sisi had made some traditional chinese food because of their friends 20th birthday! Me and my boyfriend were invited to join also and it was so much fun! I was suprised how birthday party starts: first you sing, then birthday girl/boy blows away candle and then do somekind of prayer.

It was my first time eating chinese food; there were sushi, põ, tomatoes with sugar, pumpkin…  I feared they would be very spicy but suprisingly they were not. I really liked pumpkin and põ.

We discussed some table manners and differences between China-Finland. In China, the oldest person/-s start the dining, then the younger ones (grandparents->parents->you->your younger siblings). It’s done so to show respect to your elders. Dinners are also very lively in China while in Finland, you eat in silence because Ruokarauha (food peace?).

We also discussed dinners in diffrent holidays, traditional foods, table wear’s in finnish and chinese. I love how observant they are: they make good points that made me laugh when I realized how anti-social and shy we finnish people are.

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: teksti

Our Chinese friends made some very good questions I have to think through for our next meeting (like why finnish food is usually so salty, finnish small talk..)

Second meeting

We met at the Metso library and look around the library last Friday. I went there for the first time. The library had a lot of books and many sections where I can listen to music and play instruments which were very interesting. Also, the library was very clean and good.

While spending some time on the tour of the library, we found some books about Korea. They had a few books about North Korea. It’s pretty surprising because I’ve never seen books about North Korea in South Korea. After the tour, we studied Finnish and Korean at the café on the third floor.

I learned about cutlery and food in Finnish. I think the words that I was taught are going to be very helpful when I go grocery shopping. Learning Finnish has been quite difficult for me so far because it looks like English in mixed order and every single word is new to me. So I need to learn some words by heart.

The second meeting was very good. Hopefully, The next meeting will also be good.

Meeting with FIN GER group

Guten Tag !

Our group had a new member Cindy from Germany so she was a plesent suprise for us.

Antero had made really good translation task for us where we learned words in Finnish and German. We also learned how to use articles in German (die, das, der). It seems quite difficult to remember which article goes where and there doesn’t seem to be any logic so it is just something I need to memorise.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen Hanna !

Third Meeting on my birthday

we went to Maruseki to eat Sushi on September 20. the day is my birthday. Maruseki is a Japanese restaurant. she said she often goes there. we ordered sushi. there were many sushi on menu. there was sushi whici is same name but different neta. that was very interesting.

After eating lunch, we went to the library because I wanted her to translate a book which I bought yesterday. I forgot that books name but it explains Finnish personality. I found Finnish people is so similar to Japanese. I had a nice day

Meeting at Rauhaniemi

Our second Spanish-German meeting took place in Rauhaniemi’s lake, because we wanted to take advantage of the good weather, although it was quite cold! We bought some snack at a supermarket (some muffins and chips) and then went to the lake.

First, we tried to remember what we learned last time: number and basic expressions. Then we started learning and teaching new things. This time, we learned how to introduce ourselves, what we like and what we are afraid of: “Hello, my name is Jon and I am 21 years old. I come from Bilbao, Spain. I like meeting my friends and doing sports. I am afraid of outer space and bees“. So if I try to remember it…”Hallo, mein Name ist Jon und ich bin 21 (einundzwanzig) Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Bilbao, Spanien / Ich lebe in Bilbao, Spanien. Ich mag meinen Freunden treffen und Sport machen. Ich fürchte mich den Weltraum und die Bienen“.

Additionally, we learned to conjugate regular verbs in present tense. For example: leben (to live):

(I) Ich lebe
(You, singular) Du lebst
(He/She/It) Er/Sie/Es lebt
(We) Wir leben
(You, plural) Ihr lebt
(They) Sie leben

I also learned that Swiss people use to pronounce a strong “r”, while people from Germany not.

I loved this meeting, because we had a very nice time, again laughing and learning things from our different cultures.

Pyynikin Munkkikahvila ja ostoksia illalla

Last Saturday we were planning to go to Pyyniking observation tower to try donuts cooked according to a secret recipe, but the weather did not look good enough for walking so long and climbing on the top of the tower, so we remembered that we can try the same munkit in the cozy cafe in the city centre. I was the first one so I ordered a donut and coffee and was just waiting for guys.

When Maksim and Ilona came, they made an order as well and we started to talk. Of course, we tried to replace English with Russian or Finnish, but we realized that for the next meetings it’s better to prepare some questions about what we want to study or a small plan of the lesson. But anyway, I’ve learnt how to order coffee and we just enjoyed our meal.

When we were done with coffee, we decided to go to Sokos shopping center to learn more words which we use every day, like soap – saippua, toothbrush – hammasharja, toothpaste – hammastahna, expensive – kallis and so on. In Sokos we found a kirjakauppa where we saw moomin toys and guys told me more about them. After some time I had to leave, but we got some nice ideas for the next meeting! 🙂 Read about it next week 😉 See you!

Alku aina hankala. ♥ Aller Anfang ist schwer.

My second „Each One Teach One” meeting, this time with the entire group, took place at “Pella’s Café”. Now that it’s getting slightly colder after a great summer we decided to meet in a cosier place than we did the last time.

We continued our learning with Vocabulary/Phrases lists about clothes, weather, body and transport. For this matter, Antero prepared a list with words he thought would be important. Melanie and I helped our German learners with the right German translations. It was interesting to see that some words sounded or looked similar in either English-German [jacket – Jacke] or German-Finnish [Hose – housut]. Some words lead to beaming smiles on the Finnish faces just like “Handschuh” [gloves]. Yes, we Germans put ‘shoes’ for our hands on, when it’s getting cold outside! 😉

Besides learning new words, it was interesting to me that Finns talk differently about the weather. The German language has specific words for specific actions related to weather while the Finnish language uses terms like “it’s raining snow”[sataa lunta] for “it’s snowing”.

Mielenkiintoinen !!

While exchanging our languages I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere we shared in the group which also lead to some interest from locals. Some seemed to be quite interested when the Finns started to say German words and vice versa.

Furthermore, we decided to meet every Monday from now on since this day suits us the most. Apart from the Monday, we try to find a second date per week. For next Monday everyone will come up with a few verbs he/she would like to learn. Our next meeting will be a “Finnish lesson” since we focused this time more on German. 😊



Pella´s Café

This time our group met in Pella´s Café at Keskustori. We found a nice table where we could talk and learn Finnish and German. It was the first time we all met together. This afternoon we mainly focused on the German language. As we decided to prepare some vocabulary lists, Antero had a really good list prepared. During our meeting Cindy and I helped Hanna and Antero with the translation into German. They did it quite well, as there are some words which are similiar to English, for example the hand- die Hand.

For me it is really a good way to learn an other language, when I have lists or papers where I can note down everything. I think it is a good idea that we all prepare some lists and talk about the things we want to learn in the other language. Also for me with teaching German it is easier when I know where to start or what to teach.  I can learn the finnish words as well, so all parties learn the same words, expressions- I hope I can memorize them easier. Of course we had time for Smalltalk too as was a good atmosphere and we met for the first time with all four of us. 🙂

Cute animals, ice hockey and civil war at Vapriikki museum

This time we met up at Vapriikki, which is a huge museum centre. I thought a visit to Vapriikki could be an interesting way to learn about Finland, since there are exhibitions on various topics such as Finnish nature, viking age history of Tampere region, Finnish civil war, video games and ice hockey. Also, you can get a free entrance to the museum with a coupon from students’ ”supervihko” or through student discounts in the Pivo-app.

We visited all of the exhibitions and mainly talked in Japanese. I taught Meguru Finnish words from signs in the exhibitions, mostly in the Natural history museum. Before going to the museum I’d written a list in Japanese of some animals which I remembered were in the exhibition. When we entered the exhibition, I gave Meguru the list and asked him to find out what those animals are called in Finnish.

I believe this was a good way for teaching new words. Meguru also taught me new words in Japanese, such as

キツツキ = woodpecker = tikka
スズラン = lily of the valley = kielo
モモンガ = flying squirrel = liito-orava

In the other exhibitions I wasn’t able to teach Finnish so well, because the vocabulary used in them was quite specific and I hadn’t prepared for them. Especially the exhibition on Finnish civil war was difficult for me to explain in Japanese. I think all of the exhibitons were still useful for learning a bit about Finnish history and culture. We even got to practice ice hockey with a virtual goal keeper.

Fazer Café Hämeenkatu

Our second meeting took place in “Fazer Café Hämeenkatu”.

Directly at the beginning of the meeting, we could test our knowledge from last time in ordering drinks. It worked quiet well and as soon we had our drinks we continued checking if we could remember the numbers. The challenge on top of it: writing down the numbers and not just speaking them. For me speaking was okay but the writing part needs still some practicing.

All of us had prepared some Finish or German words or sentences which we could practice a bit and we will learn them. I prepared some German daily phrases which might be useful. We started to pronounce them, which is not that easy if there is not a letter in your mother tongue.

I am looking forward to the next meeting.