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Finnish dogs, Japanese books

On Thursday 25th, we had planned to study at Tampere University’s library Linna, but when we got there it was so full of people that we couldn’t find a place to sit down. We went walking around Sorsapuisto park, there were still some ducks in the pond so we practiced counting in Finnish – yksi sorsa, kaksi sorsaa…

I’ve felt that within the limited time of these meetings it’s difficult to teach vocabulary so that it’s easy to memorize.  That’s why in this meeting I introduced Meguru an app called Memrise which I’ve found useful in my own language studies. I had made a Finnish-Japanese course based on the words I had taught Meguru earlier, and then I showed him how to use the app to practice those words. I also gave him some Finnish-English handouts which I’d received from my friend Jenny.

After talking at the park we went to Sampola library to read Moomin comics in Finnish. Then it was time for me to take my family’s dogs on a walk, and Meguru agreed to come walk the dogs with me. We talked about how common having pets is both in Finland and Japan, and Meguru could practice Finnish with the dogs, such as ”istu” (sit), ”päivää” (”hello”, shake paw). I guess this is a bit different kind of EOTO experience.

Then we went shopping in Prisma Lielahti. Suprisingly, there were books written in Japanese in a free-to-take -cart in front of the library at Lielahtikeskus. One book about ayurveda for women and another about mental training for dance. We took a look at them, but as I’m not interested in the topics and they were a bit difficult to read, I left them there for the next lucky person to find.

Vocabulary songs

The next meeting was at TAMK. We were listening to music and also read the lyrics of some songs in Finnish and then some songs in Spanish. We listened to it a couple of times to try to understand something of the song, but still being difficult haha.  We were helping each other with the meaning of the lyrics.

Then we thought that children songs were going to be easier to understand it. so Anni showed us some children songs, and then we did the same but now in Spanish.

It also was quite interesting to listening to the different types of music.



Meeting at the Cafe Poem

This was our first meeting ,  we were talking about culture, traditions of our countries. We had a good time at this first meeting, also we were talking about what are we going to do during the next meetings. We said that maybe we can watch a movie (COCO movie), cooking different dishes, having a picnic on the lake, going to the sauna , going to the supermarket and so on.

Also, we talk about the day of death and how it is celebrated in Mexico.

We had a good time and also good coffee and cakes.

Meeting at my apartment (German – Spanish)

For our fourth meeting, we were all running a bit tight on schedule, as the holiday week was coming up and we all had our separate plans. Therefore, we just about managed to find a time that suited all of us and kept it simple with the activity. We met at my apartment (how convenient for me) to relax, play some FIFA and eat some food – and of course teach and learn!

After a few rounds of FIFA and some chatter, we decided to get into the topic of the day, which was a very important one: food. We went through a variety of different foods, and translated them into both languages. It was interesting to see the various differences that Spain and Mexico have for everyday foods.

Here is our full list!


Fruit – La fruta – Die Frucht

🍎La Manzana – der Apfel
🍌El Plátano – die Banane
🍓La Fresa – die Erdbeere
🍈El Melón – die Melone
🍉La Sandía – die Wassermelone
🍑El Melocotón (SP) / Durazno (MX) – die Pfirsich
🍐La Pera – die Birne
🍒La Cereza – die Kirsche

Vegetables – la Verdura – Das Gemüse
🍆La Berenjena – die Aubergine
🥦El Brócoli – der Broccoli
🌶El Pimiento – die Peperoni
🌽El Maíz / El Elote – der Mais
🥕La Zanahoria – die Karotte
🥔La Papa / Patata – die Kartoffel
🍅El (Ji)Tomate – die Tomate
🍠El Camote / El Boniato – die Süsskartoffel
Lettuce – La Lechuga – der Salat
Onion – La cebolla – die Zwiebel
Garlic – El ajo – der Knoblauch
Pumpkin – La calabaza – der Kürbis

Meat – La Carne – Das Fleisch
🐖Pork – El Cerdo – das Schwein
🐄Beef – La Vaca /Ternera (for small beef) – das Rind
🐑Lamb – El cordero – das Lamm
🦃Turkey – El pavo – der Truthahn
🐓Chicken – El Pollo – das Poulet

Fish – El Pescado – Der Fisch

Dairy Products and others – Los Lácteos / El Lácteo – Die Milchprodukte /Das Milchprodukt
🥚Egg – El Huevo – das Ei
🧀Cheese – El queso – der Käse
🍮Flan – El flan – der Pudding
🍨Ice cream- El helado – das Eis
🍰Cake- El pastel – der Kuchen
🍫Chocolate- El chocolate – die Schokolade
🍩Donuts- La dona – der Donut
🍪Cookies- La galleta – der Keks
🥛Milk- La leche – die Milch
🍯Honey- La miel – der Honig
☕Coffee- El cafe – der Kaffee
🥜Peanuts- Los cacahuates – die Erdnuss
🍬Candy- El dulce /caramelo – die Süssigkeiten
🍚Rice- El arroz – das Reis
🍝Pasta- La pasta – die Teigwaren (also die Pasta)
🥪Sandwich- El sándwich – das Sandwich
🥙Salad – La ensalada – der Salat
🌭Hot dog – El perrito caliente (SP) / El hotdog – der Hotdog
🥖Bread – El pan – das Brot
🍟French fries – Patatas / Papas fritas – die Pommes Frites
🥓Bacon – El tocino – der Speck
🥣Soup – La sopa – die Suppe

Cozy Meeting (RUS-FIN)

Yulia came back from Russia and we wanted to meet at Maksim’s apartment in Linnainmaa. It was pretty far away but we managed to get there in time.  We bought cookies (or chocolate as I saw it :D) from the shop nearby and climbed up to Maksim’s place.

Maksim borrowed Russian textbooks for us and we translated text and explained a few things for each other.  For example, I tried to explain Yulia the difference between “ehkä” and “voi olla“. I found it difficult but at least we had a great laugh.

Maksim has a big collection of Russian tea and he prepared some for us. Studying can be really enjoyable with a little snack.  Спасибо за чай!




5th meeting

Last Saturday, we had our 5th meeting at Laura’s place. We ate some Finnish foods, desserts for lunch there.

I have lived in Finland over 2 months so far, but I have not had any Finnish foods yet. So this meeting was really good. I was satisfied with all of the foods prepared by Laura. I liked especially the steamed dish because there is a dish quite similar to the one in Korea. Also, the taste was really similar. I was pretty surprised on some level.

After eating, we studied our languages. I brought some words, sentence about food. And I learned some Finnish words on food and living. I recently started adding romanization under all of the Korean words. I taught Laura how to read Korean before, but to be honest I’m not sure it’s not difficult for Laura to read Korean. So, It would be quite helpful for her when she read and study these again.

For Finnish, I feel like I’m getting used to the Finnish pronunciation each time I study it. But the problem is I can’t remember words I have learned so far. I need some reviews.

Next week, we are going to talk about something cultural such as music, clothes and so on.

I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

Moi Moi!



It is so amazing that we can enjoy this special festival with all of my good friends.I remember that I was on the bus,I found that Jenny send me the message to this festival,but I am just on my way to the place that is very excited !you know that the city was decorated with all kinds of light which are so beautiful when the night falls down,just like the Haven in my mind.

I have to say that  it is amazing to see such many people in Tampere came together and watching the show.I really like the singer here,but I do not know him,his voice was wonderful,I really like him.But the most important is to see the firework.

with the music ,the firework went up to the sky,and bloomed,how nice it is ,I have already saw too many spectacular firework in China ,but this time I am not  in China ,it really reminds me of my best friends in China ,so it makes me really impressive.I have to say that it is the most beautiful firework I have ever seen during my life!

after the firework ,we finally meet again,it is very difficult to find one person in such a group of people near the river,we hang out around the city,just went go sightseeing for the beautiful light in the street,and we took some picture .

we choose to go home ,about an hours later,because it is too cold outside and we only have a little clothes on ,so we just decided where to meet next time,I have to say ,it is really amazing!


Learning food vocabulary

For our fourth meeting we decided to meet in Sam’s place, we bought some snacks and Emilio brought a Mexican sauce called “Valentina”, this is a sauce that we always add in our food back in Mexico, it is a little bit spicy but delicious. It was a really nice idea to bring this sauce because with this our friends had the opportunity to taste something Mexican, for our surprise Sam had a spicier sauce. We had fun trying both sauces while our mouths were burning.

We decided to learn vocabulary related to food this time, Jon and I were the people in charge to write all the vocabulary in Spanish with the translation in German, I also had lots of fun because Jon has different vocabulary in Spanish for some food so we were laughing about the different words that we use for the same thing.

It was a really complete learning session; we learned vocabulary for fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. We wrote them and after we read them, making sure that we were saying the words with the correct pronunciation.  As it is a large vocabulary we will need a lot of personal study,  these are just some words of all the ones that we learnt:

Fruit – La fruta – Die Frucht

🍎La Manzana – der Apfel

🍌El Plátano – die Banane

🍓La Fresa – die Erdbeere

🍈El Melón – die Melone

Vegetables – la Verdura – Das Gemüse

🥦El Brócoli – der Broccoli

🥕La Zanahoria – die Karotte

🥔La Papa / Patata – die Kartoffel

🌶El Pimiento – die Peperoni

Meat – La Carne – Das Fleisch

🐖Pork – El Cerdo – das Schwein

🐄Beef – La Vaca /Ternera (for small beef) – das Rind

🦃Turkey – El pavo – der Truthahn

Dairy Products- Los Lácteos / El Lácteo – Die Milchprodukte /Das Milchprodukt

🥚Egg – El Huevo – das Ei

🧀Cheese – El queso – der Käse

🥛Milk- La leche – die Milch

Meeting at Rodeo Bar

For our third meeting we decided to go to Rodeo Bar, we were very excited about going out together and try a place like this for our meeting and at the end everything worked really well. We could have fun, have some drinks and at the same time learn useful phrases for environments like this.

We learnt basic things that we use in a bar like:  “ein (klein/gross) Bier bitte” (to ask for a beer), “wo ist das WC?” (to ask where is the toilet), “was ist dein Name” (to ask for a person’s name) ,” kannst du Spanisch sprechen?” (to ask if the person speaks Spanish), “Kann ich deine Number haben?” (to ask for the number of a person).

I think that it is good to learn things that we can actually use in our lives as young people, with all of these common and easy questions we feel prepared to go to a Swiss/German bar, and we actually practiced these questions with German speakers while we were there, which by the way was really funny.

Finally we took the opportunity to learn colors, as it was a simple topic that we could add to our meeting:


Red – rot

Blue – blau

Yellow – gelb

Brown – braun

Green – grün

White – weiss

Orange – orange

Puple – violett

Black – schwarz


Third meeting

We met and ate traditional dishes of each other’s country in apartment of Huang’s friend at a night of holidays. I cooked rice, miso soup, and Nikujaga(meat and potato stew flavored with soy sauce). Huang and her friend cooked many Chinese dishes and all of them were very good! I was surprised because there are the dishes similar to the dishes which they cooked like dumplings and candied sweet potatoes in Japan.  We talked about table manner and culture each other while eating. Then, we learned words on colors at my apartment because her friend’s room and my room are in same building. It was very good time!