Yulia had noticed earlyer that on Sunday there were free days in Moomin museum which is located in Tampere talo. So thats where we went. I and Ilona were early in the place. Place was crowded with many people and soon we started watching some old illustrations mady by creator of Moomins. Tove Jansson.

In museum there were citations from moomin stories. We did go through them and translated these very hard to translate phraces as they were written like poetry. I learned how russian has similar expressions compared to finnish and some words I did not know beforehand.

In museum we found miniature places and events in Moomin world with possibility to hear story in russian. I did not understand anything but Yulia translated story perfectly in finnish. There were also cool moomin items like stone-mörkö made from dark granite: coolest paperweight ever!

We were finished less than two hours and I needed coffee which was of cource served from real authentic Arabia Moomin coffee mugs. Overall very interesting experice. I am definitely interested of seeing Vakoilumuseo in future.

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