The beginning (fin-ger)

I’m writing about the first two meetings at this post. (I know you were supposed to write from each meeting individually, but I’m bad student like that)

Our EoTo-group consists four members, two Finns; me and Vilma, and two Germans; Martin and Marian. Our first meeting took place in Salhojankadun pub where we taught how to order in a bar. We also went trough some numbers in Finnish and discussed about cultural things as well different dialects in our languages.

We also studied numbers in German and tried to pronounce German words that we found in the pub, for example beer names and advertisements from the coasters.

Our second meeting took place in the Fazer café. I had prepared some basic Finnish phrases and numbers that I gave to Marian and Martin.  We also went trough how to order in a café and it went really well, until the barista started to ask more questions. (Like for example: Hi, I would like to have a coffee, please/Hei, yksi kahvi kiitos. And then the barista would ask would they want dark or light roast, and our great students were be in trouble.)

Martin had some sentences for us too and we tried to say them. The pronunciation is the hardest part so far, I mean, I still haven’t had to try to write them down (without cheating).


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