Is Disneyland the french dream?

Our first meeting was on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We went to a café called „Paella“ on Tampere’s main street. It is a cute place with lots of light and delicious coffee. At first we talked in englisch about our weekends and our classes in Finland. 

After that we switched to the language we want tot learn. So we just said something in english and afterwards tried to translate in in french oder german. Valentin’s german is really good and he hadn’t had many problems with the translating. I had a lot more trouble translating it, because I realized, that i almost forgot all the french words i learned at school. But after a few sentences it got easier for me. 

We talked a lot about cultural stuff and also about Disneyland. For me it’s like one big childhood dream and for many french people as-well. Furthermore Valentin told me, that there is a train going from my german hometown straight to disneyland. So that is an activity i have to put on my bucket list for when I’m returning home. We’ve got so involved into talking, that I even forgot to take some pictures for the blog post. Next time I will remember 🙂 

All in all we sat in the café for around two hours and didn’t even realized how fast time was running. Afterwards  we took a small walk through Tampere and talked about the trips we already did. 

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