baking (fin-ger)

Yesterday we had a baking evening. I was teaching how to make traditional Finnish pastries. We made Karelian pies (or rice pies, for all of you who are going to come at me with ”it’s not real Karjalanpiirakka if you haven’t done in Karelia and withthese specific ingredients”) and cinnamon buns.

I had wrote down the recipes for these two and also for an egg-butter that’s traditionally eaten with the Karelian pies. The recipes were in Finnish, but I also wrote a word list for the recipe, so you can try to read it and if you can’t, you can find the hard word at the list. I also included some words from the hike last week.

Martin gave us a very helpful list (at least for me) of baking words and some basic phrases for everyday life. Vilma also had written down some phrases and numbers.

The day went super well and we had fun. I am so proud of my students, they really nailed the Karelian pies! (Today’s hard word to pronounce: verquirlen (to whisk/whip))

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