Korvapuusti & Karjalanpiirakka baking

This meeting took place at my flat because here we have the biggest kitchen.

We decided to make “Cinnamon rolls” (Korvapuusti) and “Karelian pies” (Karjalanpiirakka). So we met at my flat and then went first grocery shopping before we started cooking. As far we got all ingredients we returned to my flat. Beforehand Vilma prepared some daily phrases in Finnish for me as well as the role how the counting in finish is working. So I can now continue trying to survive in Finland while speaking Finnish 😉.

Pinja had prepared the recipes in finish and a bunch of vocabulary, e.g. different berries, mushrooms, etc. which you can find in the forest. Furthermore many vocabularies which I would need while reading the recipes and in general during baking.

I had prepared some more daily phrases and some vocabulary for baking as well in German. We all tried to pronounce many words in the foreign language and after a bit of practicing, it went quiet well. I mean, of course, words like “verquirlen(to scramble/mix) is very hard to pronounce but even that went fine after a few tries.

I always struggle with the Finnish words if the pronunciation of some letter combinations is totally different from the German or English pronunciation. But it is getting better.

After we prepared all our Food, we could finally start tasting it. We were nearly starving because we where so hungry. It took a few hours to prepare everything because we learned how you make Karjalanpiirakka in a traditional way. For me it was very nice to learn a lot about finish way of baking and to extend my knowledge of baking.

The Korvapuusti and Karjalanpiirakka where very delicious and I think we all had a lot of fun and a nice evening.

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