Random bus took us to Tohloppi lake

This time our plan was to meet at a bus stop, take the first bus which comes and see where it would take us. We ended up on bus number 17 which took us to Kalkku. I taught Meguru seasons in Finnish while we were on the bus. We saw Tohloppi lake from the bus window and decided to go there. So once the bus reached it’s final stop at Kalkku we switched to another one in front of it to go back.  The bus drivers were a bit amused at us doing that…

We reviewed nature vocabulary which we had taught each other at the previous meeting and taught some new words. There were signs around the lake which I helped Meguru to translate.  There was one which we both thought was funny: “Making horses swim in the moorings (places for boats) is forbidden”.

After we had walked around the lake, we went to a nearby bakery to eat pulla and practice Finnish. We’ve both noticed that if I tell Meguru what some word is in Finnish and instantly give a Japanese translation, it’s not a very efficient way for memorizing the words. So for a while we talked only in Finnish. I taught new words – kuppi, kello, matto – by pointing at the items around us and talking about them. Then we talked about the items together.

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