Third meeting at Kintulammi (Finnish-German)

On our third meeting we went hiking to Kintulammi. This time our group was a little bit bigger than usually, because we had three extra Germans with us. Kintulammi is located about 20 kilometers from Tamk so we went there by car. The weather was really nice because the sun was shining and the temperature was not too cold.

We found a huge rock called “Kirkkokivi” (church rock / stone.) We all climbed there, some of us easier than others haha. The tall Germans climbed there with just a few steps, but I had some real struggles to get on the top of the rock. After that we continued hiking and we found some lingonberries and cranberries to eat. We even tried how lichen tastes.

This time we focused mostly on the beautiful nature instead of learning. However we taught some of the tree names in Finnish. We also talked about travel cultures and how Finns and Germans spend their holidays.


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