Day. 4 Dinner with friends

I had dinner with Laura and Junhyuk. I had a cold and was in bad condition, but I was grateful that Laura worried about me. It was the Italian restaurant Laura recommended for dinner tonight, and the interior was really good. I ordered risotto, Laura ordered pizza, and Junhyuk ordered pasta. It was really delicious. It was a little salty, but it was still delicious. While we were having dinner, we talked about last week’s events. I felt good that I had more to say than the first time.


After dinner, I went to the cafe and studied hard. I ordered hot chocolate, and whipped cream was really delicious. It was a big shopping center, so it was convenient because there were restaurants and cafes in one place. Today we learned each other’s words and expressions. I’m sorry I couldn’t prepare for the cold, but Junhyuk has prepared for it. As Korean was difficult to pronounce, Laura wandered a lot, but it was good to see her learn hard.

And at the end, Laura gave me a present, a key ring that reflects the light that the car can see as I pass through the dark road. I was really impressed by the delicate laura gift. I will give you a gift next time.

Junhyuk is going on a trip for two weeks, so I hope to meet you soon after two weeks.

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