Study afternoon

Hi! Last Wednesday, the 3rd of October, was our third meeting. It took us so long meeting again since our supermarket day, two weeks before. We are five people in the group, so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find the moment to meet (last week one of us was busy all the afternoons with university practices and another of us was in a trip). At the end, we found a day which suited all of us and we met at TAMK to spend a really helpful study afternoon.

We met at Y-campus, in TAMK, and we stayed there for one hour and a half, more or less. We wanted to learn some basic vocabulary as how to introduce ourselves, the numbers or the days of the week. We were four in this meeting (three Spanish girls and a Finnish one), so it was a little difficult to organize the study afternoon to teach each other. Finally, we decided to make collective notes in one computer, writing down the words or sentences in Finnish and then in Spanish. We focalized not only on the writing of the words but also on their pronunciation, so we repeated the words several times to memorize their correct pronunciation.

In this meeting I learned how to introduce myself, saying what I’m studying, where I’m from… We took notes about the days of the week, the parts of the day, the numbers or the pronouns. We also explained each other the abecedary. This was very important because of the different pronunciation of some letters comparing to our own language. It took us a lot of time because we wrote a word with every letter and sound in both languages, but it was very useful. Although I think we are too many people in the group and sometimes it’s a little difficult to make these meetings really worthwhile, I could learn quite a lot of Finnish words, so if I read the notes several times this week, I think I will be able to defend some situations here in Finland and be more integrated in the country. I expect that with our next meeting (which is going to be another study day), I will be able to learn other basic words that will help me a lot with my stay here.

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