Third meeting at Rodeos Bar

Our third meeting was in Rodeos Bar that is the cheapest bar that I’ve known here in Tampere, something that was curious is that the beer cost only 1 euro, for that reason we decided to go there.

As we were in a bar we decided to talk about the nightlife of our countries and what were some differences between them, I also learned several words and sentences in German that are useful when you go to clubs:

English                   German            Spanish

beer                          bier                   cerveza

wine                         wein                   vino

big                             gloss                   grande

ask for a beer – eiu bier bitten-pedir una cerveza

wo ist das WC?-wo ist das WC?-¿donde esta el baño?

what is your name?-wie ist dein Name?-¿cual es tu nombre?

Ans also we decided to learn the color in our language and for me was a little bit difficult beacuse I’ve never learned germand and the pronunciation is difficult, but I tried jajaja.

Red – rot – rojo
Blue – blau – azul
Yellow – gelb – amarillo
Brown – braun – cafe
Green – grün – verde
White – weiss – blanco
Orange – orange – naranja
Puple – violett – morado
Black – schwarz – negro

After that we went to dance and we had a fun night.

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