Funny study time

The time goes by so fast and next week is already the holiday break or Independent study week. Especially for us Exchange students, this is a good opportunity  to travel around and explore Finland. Therefor we decided to meet this week twice and to continue after the week off. As the day before, we met again at TAMK, it´s a good place to study or just to talk. Mainly we continued with the verb list and added some new verbs, both in German and in Finnish. My notebook is getting fuller and fuller with finnish phrases, verbs and so on – I´ll use the week off to memorize them or even better to use them in daily life.

Especially on the bus stop for example, as the last few times some people asked me which bus goes where or when and I give my best to give the correct answer. We talked about our experiences and I told them about mine. One time I gave the answer – Bussi kuusi (Bus Nr. 6), which is basically correct but our finnish colleagues explained me the right pronounciation and explained me a similiar word which I can easily mix up. In this case it would confuse others, but it was quite funny when we talked about it. 😀

There´s everytime something new to learn, so I`m Looking forward to the next meeting. Have a good week off! 🙂


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