Study Day-Day 2

So after our first study day, the girls and I met again last monday to continue with our basic vocabulary and greeting.

We spend the first half of the “class” going over what we learned last time to refresh a bit and to see what could we do next. We went over days of the week, numbers, greetings and added colours and months to the ist. After that we thought that we could try to learn in a momre dynamic way. We come up with the idea to try to translate simple songs into each others languages, so Anni choose a Finnish lullaby for us, and we showed her a traditional spanish kids song.

This was Annis choice:

And we showed her Susanita tiene un ratón (which means Susanita has a mouse):

We moved on to some other music and kid shows like the Moomins, to end up sharing mutual songs but in different languajes such as Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. It was son funny to listen to songs we already knew in a complete different languaje.

Over all, I think this day was more of a relaxed study day but also interesting because we could see each others culture based of the music we listen to as kids. I realized that it’s easier for me to learn a languaje if I listen to music and try to translate the lyrics than trying to memorize all the vocabulary. So I think I’ll keep doing some research on my own about Finnish music to help myself with the pronunciation and vocabulary.

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