2nd Study afternoon – sing along

Hi! Last Monday, 8th of October, we went to the Y-Campus, at TAMK, to spend our second study day. On our first study afternoon we talked about basic vocabulary and our intention for this second meeting was translating two songs (one in Spanish and another one in Finnish).

At the beginning, we started remembering the things we learned in the previous meeting, so we repeated the days of the week, how to introduce ourselves or the numbers. We also focalized in their pronunciation (something that maybe is more difficult to remember). Then we talked a little bit about new vocabulary, as the names of the colors and, finally, we started with our purpose of the day, translating a song.

We decided to start with something easy, as a lullaby. Anni taught us a Finnish lullaby with the lyrics bellow, and she translated it while we were listening. Then, we taught Anni a Spanish childish song, and we sang it too. Later, we taught each other some other famous songs in our home countries. In conclusion, with this meeting we not only learnt new words, their pronunciation or how to use them, but also something really important which is part of the culture of a country: the music.

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