Nur ein bißchen Finnisch

We had an extra meeting (again) with three participants on 28.9.2018 (me, Cindy and Melanie) in café Siilinkari. Purpose of that meeting was to teach some (useful) Finnish phrases to Cindy and Melanie, so I wasn’t learning German that time. And we thought it would be fine if only part of the group meets, but it turned out it’s not that simple. After all we all live under the same sun and we should take care of others.

So, humanity overpowered our previous thoughts about meetings, and we were a bit worried that Hanna won’t miss anything. That’s important to keep our learning/teaching processes running smoothly in our group, and therefore we decided that we won’t meet anymore with only three people to keep our group whole. That was a good and an unanimous decision. But of course unofficially anyone can feel free to meet anyone anytime anywhere. 😀

After all it was a nice meeting just before octoberfest! Later that night when I was having a nice time in Plevna with some friends, and I noticed this on the table, and instantly took a picture:


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