Two similar meetings

I will squeeze two meetings in to this post, because we had two very similar meetings on two consecutive days in the same spot. We met in TAMK on 8.10. and 9.10. and me and Hanna learned German and Finnish verbs and conjugations. Melanie had prepared a paper with some verbs and their conjugations, some more verbs without their conjugations (so you have to write them down yourself), and more empty spaces for more verbs. Meetings were quite short, so we continued to fill the paper on the other day.

Cindy and Melanie also learned Finnish verbs and conjugations. I think we all noticed some kind of logic in singular and plural persons, in both Finnish and German language. But still I think both languages are not always very logical, and you just have to remember a lot of words and grammatical rules. More words to memorize. I have already learned a lot of words (and some phrases), but still it feels like there is an enormous amount of words to memorize. But I really wish to learn German as much as possible. Worse thing would be that I won’t have enough words to learn, so I have to think positive! 😉  I can do it! Ich kann es tun!

P.S. I have changed my computer language to German (it forces me to learn words), and yesterday I wached the first Men in Black movie with German audio and subtitles 😀 (one of the very few movies in my collection, which includes the German audio and subtitles). Didn’t understand much though, because the German speech was really fast, and not every word was written in subtitles. But I’m looking happily forward to learn more! Gib mir mehr Deutsch!


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