Coco, the movie

Hi! Last Sunday, 14th of October, we decided to do something different. In the afternoon, we went to Anni’s house because she was the one with more space in the living room, something we needed: we wanted to watch Coco, the computer-animated fantasy film.

We decided to watch it in Spanish and with English subtitles, so that Anni could improve her Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation. First, we made a list with some vocabulary about cinema and TV. It was very interesting, especially for Georgina and me, because we are both studying Audiovisual Communication and we learnt some basic vocabulary that maybe we’ll need at the university. Some words I learnt are: elokuva (movie), näyttelijä (actor), valo (light) or musiikki (music). We also talked about the movie genres, such as romantic, action, horror or comedy.

We had some problems to find the movie in the language we wanted and we didn’t have enough time to watch it all. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a lot watching the film altogether, eating some crisps and drinking some juice using moomins cups.

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