Ratina & Golden Unicorn

This week ,we have the Autumn holiday,but unfortunately we both have the part time job to do,cause this is a pretty common thing for Chinese student to do the part time job,which costed most of our time in the holiday.

however, Jenny and Tony decided to teach us some color and cloth ,so we went to the Ratina who has something on sale,so we went around the ratina at about 11,it is pretty funny for us that we went to the shopping mall,but we bought nothing .we go around the shopping mall just to learn what is this hahhahah,what is that.

After hanging in the Ratina,Cui and i invited Jenny and Tony to the place where I am working,one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Tempere,the Golden Unicorn.In my opinion ,the food in the restaurant is very nice,and we both have a wonderful time although we have some culture differences between Chinese and Finnish people,one of the funny things is that eating a lot is very popular in China when you have meal with other people to show that the food is very good,but may be not in Finland hahahah,Jenny and Tony thought i was very hungry ,that is pretty funny .

by the way,it is very nice of Jenny and Tony to bring us some chocolate ,very delicious ,thanks buddy !

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