Shopping mall and Chinese food!

The day before yesterday(20.10.2018) we went to Ratina shopping center and we learned colors and the names of different clothes.Jenny also printed the paper of the things we need to learn…love her very much~

After that was the time we need to have lunch,so we went to Golden Unicorn which was near to the Ratina. At that place,we enjoyed some traditional Chinese dishes and I thought all of us liked the food in this restaurant.Besides,Toni said he would come again because of the good food…maybe I will also come again and I love the food there.At that day,I was very full when I finished eating.What a delicious food!

Finally,Toni send Li and me chocolates as the gifts,so nice!!! Unfortunately,I had to go early because of the part-time job..or I  would stay with them longer.

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