Tranditional food is the best way to learn culture!

During the holidays, we decide to meet again to learn something about our table manners! So we choose Thursday night to have a dinner with each other, and I also take my friend LEE together to cook our tranditional food. (Because I AM NOT good at cooking, what a shame…)

And we invited Moe to my friend’s home and then we ate together,  I also tries the Japanese tranditional food named Miso soup! IT TASTED GOOD!! I couldn’t  describe the decilious smell use my own language! Maybe try it could learn how decilious it would be! We also cook “La-zi Chicken“(Moe said it’s a little spicy), “Candied sweet potatoes“, “Fried dumplings” and “Tea-Milk“. After all, almost of them would cooked by Lee.

And during the eating time, we talked about our diffierent table manners. It’s interesting that Japanese would say “いただきます(i ta da ki ma su)(I’m gonna start now)

And after that I came to Moe’s apartment and we learn the color together and a little daily talking together! What an amazing and happy night!

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