Furniture and famous meatballs

This time our plan was to go to Ikea, to learn furniture (家具, huonekalut) vocabulary and try their meatballs (ミートボール, lihapullat) which are famous even in Japan.

We walked around the furniture exhibition, pointed at items around us and asked each other what that item was called in Finnish or Japanese. It was easy to repeat practicing the same words, because there were many rooms which had the same items in them. Also the price tags had the words in Finnish so that was helpful for teaching.

In the photo you can see: matto – マット(matto), lamppu – ランプ (ranpu),  sohva – ソファ (sofa)…

It’s great to be able to ask from a native speaker which words are commonly used, because when I looked up some words in a dictionary, it gave several options which Meguru said he wouldn’t use or hadn’t even heard of before. I could even learn some specific vocabulary related to what I’m studying at Tamk, such as 水道 / 蛇口 (faucet) and 換気扇 (ventilation fan), which are unlikely to show up in a textbook.

On a bus on the way back from Ikea we noticed that we couldn’t remember the words that well anymore, so we went to a library to write them down. We also practiced Japanese pronunciation.

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