Learning vocabulary with songs!

The other day, we met again at TAMK as we wanted to repeat the study day and learn new interesting words. This time we decided to do it in a more fun way.

We chose a song in Finnish first, we listened to it whole and then we listened to it again, but this time we stopped it and at the same time Anni explained the meaning of the words. We decided to do it with children’s songs since it seemed easier to us. Then we did the same but with a song in Spanish.

The truth that I thought was a great idea and was a very fun afternoon because it was funny to know the literal meaning of the words of the songs.

In the end we ended up showing different kinds of ridiculous songs that were in each of the countries, it was a very fun moment because we could not stop laughing. Every time I am happier to have chosen this course, we always learn new things and we had a really good time.

                                                Käy muumilaaksoon                                                                             Susanita tiene un ratón 

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